Microcement for Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

 Microcement is not only Beautiful
 It can save you on demolition costs

When it comes to reducing the cost of demolition, opting for microcement rather than conventional flooring and wall tile finishes can really make a difference.

Microcement can frequently be applied directly over existing tiles with little to no demolition, in contrast to many flooring materials that call for the old surface to be completely removed before installation.

This means you won’t have to go through the time-consuming, expensive, and potentially damaging process of tearing out outdated walls and flooring, which can result in large labor costs, disposal fees, and structural damage. Microcement is an economical option for both residential and commercial projects because it provides a sleek, contemporary finish without requiring a large sum of money for demolition.

Microcement’s adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including furniture, walls, floors, and countertops. Long-term cost savings are further enhanced by its resilience and low maintenance needs, which make it an excellent choice for any building or remodeling project.


Old tile fireplace: To create a stone or cement feature wall design and eliminate the grout line, apply microcement on top of the existing tile rather than removing the old ones.

Tiled floors and shower walls: Apply microcement directly on the old tiles on the floor and shower walls. Speciality preparation work and application is required for waterproofing.

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